Raw Food Diet: An Alternative Health Lifestyle

A raw food diet is an alternative health lifestyle that restricts the consumption food to raw or uncooked foods. It also prohibits foods that processed. Organically grown fruits and vegetables are preferred by people who choose this alternative health lifestyle. The organic foods are much safer for the body since they were not treated with fertilizers that contain toxins. These toxins are harmful to the body. People who follow this program believe that foods which are cooked lose much of their nutritional value. As a lifestyle, people who practice the raw food diet treat it as permanent change in the type of food they eat, and not as temporary solution for their health problems.

There different degrees of doing a raw food diet.
1) Raw veganism
A person who is a raw vegan only eats unprocessed and raw plant foods. This is the strictest form of raw food diet. They eat only plant based foods such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, and legumes. Raw vegans are further divided into three groups. These are:
a) Fruitarians – These people exclusively consume fruits.
b) Juicearians – They usually turn their food into juices.
c) Sproutarians –They eat only sprouted foods. Example of which is bean sprouts.
2) Raw vegetarianism
Raw vegetarians also consume raw plant based food. They also exclude any forms of meat such as fish, poultry, beef, and pork. But unlike the raw vegans, they allow themselves to eat dairy products and eggs. They typically get most of their proteins and calcium from eggs and dairy products.
3) Raw animal food diets
These are people who primarily eat raw animal food. These include, raw and unprocessed meat, meat organs, eggs, dairy, aged century eggs, and fermented meat. They also eat raw plant based food but to a lesser proportion to raw meats. One of the famous raw meats is Sashimi or raw seafood. In order to prevent food poisoning, they often follow a careful procedure in preparing for their foods. Most of them usually buy their meats from free-range and grass-fed sources. They can be picky on how the animals were raised.
Different people follow different types of raw food diets. However, there are some common benefits that most of the “raw foodists” will agree to. The benefits of raw food diets are:
1) The digestive enzymes found only raw foods are good for the digestive system. Foods that are stripped of these enzymes make digestion difficult and lead to the buildup of toxins in the body.
2) Good bacteria and some microorganism that can be found on raw food. It strengthens the immune system.
3) In general, raw foods contain more nutrients than the cooked variation of it.
4) Cooked foods can increase pH level of your stomach which can lead to acidosis.
5) Raw food diet practitioner claims that they noticed changes in their energy level.
6) It can help people lose weight
7) There is a better appearance on skin tone. It makes the skin healthier.
They prevent harmful toxins found in cooked and processed foods from entering their system. These toxins can cause chronic disease and other health problems.


Prevent Heart Disease with Laughter

It is no doubt, regular exercise and a balanced diet will help improve heart health. Did you know, there are other facts which also can reduce the risk of this disease. Some of them may surprise you!

What are they? Here are nine things you can do to heal one of the most important asset for this life, heart, quoted from page She Knows.

Research at University College in London said that the warm laughter or giggling is also able to relax the arterial wall, causing blood flow increased to 45 minutes. And since laughter is contagious, why not share the joke with others? The recommended daily dose of laughter to heart health that is at least 15 minutes duration.

In view of happiness
Try to focus on the moments you never happy in the past. Research shows that recall the pleasant memories that will help your immune system health. This in turn will strengthen your heart.

Be grateful
According to a study published in European Heart Journal reported that adults who have a positive outlook on life, by itself can reduce the risk of heart attack.

Those who regularly feel grateful to their life circumstances or disclose it to others, so they have a better chance to live longer and have a healthier life.

Food chocolate contains polyphenols, substances that reduce free radicals that can cause cell damage. Harvard School of Public Health studied nearly 8,000 Americans on average age 65 years, for five years. The result, researchers found that those who eat chocolate three times a month for almost a year decreased the risk of death, than those without eating chocolate.

Flavonoids in green tea, black, and white can improve blood vessel function and increase blood flow. Tea flavonoids act as powerful antioxidants in neutralizing free radicals malignancy compound.

Research in the Netherlands showed that people who drank 3-5 cups of tea per day the risk of heart disease and stroke was reduced by 44 percent.

Healthy Teeth
Believe it or not, dental health can affect your heart health. The bacteria in gum disease can trigger inflammation, which damage blood vessels.

A recent study conducted at the University of California, Berkeley, reported that women who receive regular dental care, the risk of heart disease and cardiovascular reduced.

Studies conducted Medical College of Wisconsin revealed that meditation for 30 minutes a day can reduce the risk of heart attack by 50 percent.

This study focused on transcendental meditation, which involves sitting quietly and comfortably for 15 to 20 minutes per day. According to the researchers, this method is very easy to learn.

Sleep is very important for heart health, especially for women! Researchers from the University of Chicago found that only one hour of sleep, will decrease the possibility of hardening of the coronary arteries by 33 percent. So go ahead, roll over and reset the alarm clock. Enjoy!

Maybe this is the fun part for you. You are having a happy love life, be grateful! Because, will bring health benefits, especially your sexual activity. Sex is a way deaden stress very well. It also became a kind of good sports, you’ll burn about 85 calories during 30-minute session.

A Simple Tips to Avoid Osteoporosis


Healthy habits are easy to do and it keeps your bones become healthy and strong. Osteoporosis is a disorder that leads to bone fracture risk even a minor trauma. This happens because of bone density reduction. Bone density reduction occurs because bone low mineral density. Osteoporosis itself can occur due to various factors. Although most complaints is due to the natural aging process, but also bone loss can occur due to genetic factors, early menopause, and the lack of intake of calcium in the body.

So, how to prevent premature osteoporosis? Fit Sugar gives some simple tips to overcome it.

1.    Exposure to Sunlight

Under our skin, no vitamin D. When exposed to sunlight, vitamin is active and turned into vitamin D3. The active form of vitamin is useful for maintaining bone density and strength.

It did not take long to activate vitamin D3 in the body. Just 10 minutes before 09.00 am and after 15:00 pm. Adequacy of calcium and vitamin D from the young is important to consider if you want to avoid osteoporosis.

2.    Calcium Intake

Consumption of food or beverages that contain calcium like broccoli, anchovy, sardines, salmon, cereal, orange juice, green vegetables and milk. Please note, calcium intake should not be excessive, because it can cause health problems such as kidney stones, impaired renal function, premature aging, muscle weakness, difficult bowel movements, fatigue and many more.

3.    Exercise

Fitness activity is one of the keys to maintaining strong bones. Be sure to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Select the type of physical exercise that has the effect of making stretching bones to increase bone density such as yoga, running or strength training.

4.    Avoid Alcoholic Drinks and Soda

Consumption of alcoholic beverages and soda also increases the risk of osteoporosis. Therefore, you should limit both types of drinks.

That are several useful tips to avoid  osteoporosis may help us to maintain health.


Five Minute Daily Program To Manage Your Stress


We all have a favorite expression of each at the time of stress, and even stress can arise when we’re feeling relaxed or bored. You never did that? Yes, you must have.

Error! condition in life is something that can not be avoided, not only in the computerize system, but in real life too must have found an Error! condition. Error which means the life atmosphere is filled with pressure and impasse of thought and action. So there is no other way except to stop for a moment and release the Error! condition or that this is often called stress.

Therefore, becomes a necessary to find ways to reduce and prevent incidents full of pressure or stress, and reduce negative reactions to stress. Here are some things that can be done only by remembering that, since life is basically a routine to follow like brushing your teeth or eating breakfast. You can do it in some ways much longer time span, but as they say – every minute is precious.

Manage your time

Time management skills can allow you more time with family and friends and maybe improve performance and productivity. This will help reduce your stress.

To improve your time management, some of these things you can do:

  • Save time by focusing and concentrating, delegating, and setting time for yourself.
  • Make notes about how you spend your time, including work, family and leisure.
  • Prioritize your time by rating tasks by importance and urgency. Divert your time for activities more important and meaningful to you.
  • Manage your commitments by not over-or even less commitment. Do not do anything that is not really important to you.
  • Agree with delay by using day planner, breaking large projects into smaller ones, and set short term deadlines.
  • Test your beliefs to reduce conflict between what you believe and what kind of life you like.

Healthy strategies to overcome obstacles

It is important that you can identify strategies to overcome your stress constraints. One way to do this is to record the event of stress, your reaction, and how you cope with stress in the journal. With this information, you can work to change unhealthy strategies to cope with unhealthy people who help you focus on the positive and what you can change or control in your life.


Several choices and lifestyle behaviors affect your stress level. They may not cause stress directly, but they can disrupt your body’s way of escape from the stress. Try to:

  • Balance your personal life, work and family needs and obligations.
  • Having a purpose in life.
  • Enough sleep, because your body recover from the stress of the day when you sleep.
  • Eating foods with balanced nutrition to survive the stress.
  • Get moderate exercise throughout the week.
  • Limit, even away from alcohol consumption.
  • Do not smoke.

Social Support

Social support is a major factor of how we experience stress. Social support is the positive support you may receive from family, friends, and society. This is the knowledge that you cared for, loved, respected, and appreciated. More research indicates a strong relationship between social support and physical and mental health better.

Changing mindset

When an event triggers negative thoughts, you may experience fear, insecurity, anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, and sense of worthlessness or helplessness. This emotional stress triggers the body, such as threats that are not there. Dealing with your negative thoughts and how you see things that can help reduce stress.

  • A clear mind to help you stop negative thoughts to help eliminate stress.
  • Refuted irrational thoughts that will help you to avoid negative thought, anticipating the worst, and interpreting an event wrong.
  • Problem solving helps you identify all aspects of a stressful event and find ways to overcome them.
  • Changing your communication style helps you communicate in a way that makes your views known without making others feel humiliated, hostile, or intimidated. This will reduce the stress that comes from poor communication. Use a firm tone to improve your communication style.

So the steps to overcome your stress, which if managed properly, you will find that your stress will be solved no more than 5 minutes. If you want more relaxed and you have more time, do the above ways more often and longer in duration. Because each person must have experienced stress, so hopefully with the steps above you can manage your stress with no stress or overwhelmed.

Five Ways To Achieve Your Body Building Goals

Achieving your body building goals is not easy. However, the benefits of having a fit, toned body are more than worth the effort. Following are five tips that can help you to reach your goals:

Make Time to Exercise

Making time to exercise is very important. You will not make much progress if you only exercise when you feel like it. You have to set aside a time every day to build your body, and then stick to your time slot, and exercise regimen. This time may be in the early morning or right after work. It does not really matter when you exercise as long as you make a time and then stick to it.

Choose a Good Body Building Program

A good body building program will ensure that you get a good workout, burn fat and build muscle. If you are used to daily vigorous exercise, you may want to invest in an advanced program such as P90X or Insanity. If you have not been working out on a regular basis, then working out with a trainer may be a good idea. A trainer can help you create a body building program that will meet your personal needs. You can also start lifting weights and doing body building exercises on your own, but you should be very careful to not pull a muscle or overdo.

Buy the Right Equipment

You will naturally need a set of weights in order to build your muscles, but weights are not the only exercise items that help to build muscle and burn fat. A good elliptical machine can help build leg and thigh muscles and you can find the best elliptical machines here. A treadmill is yet another good piece of equipment to consider investing in. It is also important to note that most body building exercise regiments will require you to buy a mat and perhaps a jump rope as well.

Pay Attention to Your Diet

You need to maintain a balanced diet. However, foods that are rich in protein will help you build muscles, so you will want to eat a protein rich diet. Drinking protein drinks can also help you build muscle faster than would have otherwise been possible. Stay away from steroids, though, as these have many harmful negative side effects and are not worth the risk.


Many people give up when they do not reach their goals as quickly as they would like. The fact is that it takes time to build muscle, so you should be very realistic when setting goals. However, the good news is that if you choose a good body building regimen and stick to it, you will see results. Anyone can reach his or her body building goals and enjoy the benefits of being strong and in good shape.

Different Types of Diet for Weight Loss for Teenager

Teenagers come from the Latin that is adolescence which means to grow or grow into adulthood. Quoted from Hurlock in 1992 the term adolescence has a broader meaning that includes mental, emotional social and physical maturity. Adolescence experienced by women lasts between 12 and 21 years. Whereas in men it lasts around the age of 13 years to 22 years.


Teenage is synonymous with the perfect appearance of an ideal and healthy body and to get it they go on a diet. Being overweight to obesity is not good for your health and is at risk of suffering from many diseases. But by doing a strict diet to lose weight quickly in a short time, especially not supported by appropriate nutrition, it will have bad consequences.


The reason people go on a variety of diets. Some of us go on a diet because we are too fat so we have to pay more attention to our diet and the portion of exercise so that the body is more fit and healthy. Meanwhile, some others feel better and look more attractive if they lose a few pounds. There are also those who diet because they feel they must maintain their appearance to be slim like a model.


Below there are several types of diets that can be done by teenagers, namely:


Athlete's diet

In this type, the diet should be used for children and adolescents who are active in their daily lives such as teenage athletes. Teenagers who are very active with sports or other physical activities need to eat energy foods and consume more calories than less active teenagers. Examples of high-energy foods are whole grains, fruits, fish, eggs, meat, vegetables, and dairy products. Drinking plenty of fluids throughout the day is also very important for teen athletes. Or consumption of additional drinks with a mixture of a little sugar in every physical activity that lasts longer than 60 minutes. Or it could be other similar drinks that help in regaining body electrolytes.


In this type, the diet should be used for children and adolescents who are active in their daily lives such as teenage athletes. Teenagers who are very active with sports or other physical activities need to eat energy foods and consume more calories than less active teenagers. Examples of high-energy foods are whole grains, fruits, fish, eggs, meat, vegetables, and dairy products. Drinking plenty of fluids throughout the day is also very important for teen athletes. Or consumption of additional drinks with a mixture of a little sugar in every physical activity that lasts longer than 60 minutes. Or it could be other similar drinks that help in regaining body electrolytes.


Dash Diet

This diet is based on the 2005 USDA Food Recommendation Guidelines. The acronym "DASH" stands for "Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension". With this diet, teens must consume foods rich in nutrients and limit foods that contain saturated fats, trans fats, added sugars, cholesterol, and salt. The trick is to consume at least 2 cups of fruit and 2 to 2 1/2 cups of vegetables every day. Also consume at least 3 ounces of wheat equivalent throughout the day, such as whole-wheat bread, pasta, bran cereals, and rice. Drink 3 cups of fat-free or low-fat milk, or equivalent milk products every day. Daily fat intake must be between 25 and 35 percent of total calories, and most of the fat must be polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, such as those found in fish, vegetable oils, nuts. Eat lean meat, such as chicken, turkey, fish, and lean beef.


Vegetarian Diet

This type of diet, according to experts, can help teens to get all the necessary nutrients, of course, if done correctly. According to the USDA guidelines on a vegetarian diet, the key focus is on protein nutrition including B12, iron, calcium, zinc, and vitamins. In addition to consuming vegetables and fruits throughout the day, teenagers who go on a vegetarian diet must also consume foods such as eggs, beans, milk or milk products or soy milk and tofu. Since a vegetarian diet is usually low in calories and high in fiber, which makes a person feel full longer, teenagers need to make sure they get enough calories every day that comes from protein and fat in the right amount. In doing this diet, it is expected to consult with a doctor or nutritionist, so that they can help teens answer questions that they may have regarding nutritional needs.

In addition to knowing the diet tips above, there are some good tips for teenagers to maintain both weight and fitness:


• Exercise regularly. In addition to maintaining weight, exercise is also good for strong bone growth
• Drinking milk. Milk does not make us fatter. A glass of low-fat milk only contains 80 calories and also contains protein and calcium which are needed for bone growth in adolescence
• Eat a variety of foods, including lots of vegetables and fruit. This is important so that our body's needs for various nutrients are met
• Drink lots of water, at least 8 glasses a day and reduce drinking sweet things like syrup, bottled tea, and soda/soft drink
• Eat meat that is low in fat and high in protein, such as lean meat, skinless chicken, fish, and beans
• Eat foods that contain iron, fiber, and vitamin B
• Take breakfast. Research shows that eating breakfast can make us study better in school and eat less throughout the day. Conversely, not eating breakfast can actually increase weight because the body lowers its metabolism to store energy
• Do not use drugs for dieting unless we are under the supervision of a doctor

Hopefully, this article
healthy diet tips for the teenager can help you to undergo a diet program without disrupting the growth phase.